Welcome to TRÓIA! This area is fantastic and perfect for your family vacation. To make them even better we would like to share with you a few locations you must visit while you are staying here.

1. Tróia Beach

Once you arrive at Troia you’ll find one of the longest sand beaches in Portugal, with 18km long. Both in summer and winter, the mild climate will allow you to have fun with several activities.

2. Roman Ruins of Tróia

The Roman Ruins of Troia is classified as National Monument since 1910. These ruins preserve evidence of what might have been one of the largest industrial complexes of fish preserves and sauces of the roman empire. The ruins visit includes two large salting facilities, thermae, the mausoleum, and the residential nucleus. Throughout the visit there are numerous informative panels so you won’t have problems understanding what you are seeing even if you opt-out for a guided tour.

3. Dolphin Watch

There are numerous dolphins resident in the Sado Estuary. The easiest way to see them is through a boat trip. You can rent a tour in Troia or Setúbal and enjoy the beautiful view!

4. Bike riding

Why don’t you enjoy the many walkways crossing the Troia landscape to take a hike, or even better, ride a bike? You can rent a bike and get to know the surroundings with them!

5. Troia Marina

The Troia Marina was built within the Troiaresort meant to receive and accommodate recreational boats. Around the facility for the boats, there are numerous restaurants, terraces, and shops to enjoy the Marina even further.

6. Horse riding in the sand

Have you ever rode a horse? How about riding a horse on the beach? That is a totally different experience! A local company called “Cavalos na Areia” provides horse riding tours or lessons, as well as an immersive experience of freedom while riding these trained horses close to the seaside.

7. Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira

Marvelous popular construction on the 50s-60s to anchor local fishing boats. It is built with irregular woodpiles, apparently very fragile, which allows fishermen to access their boats even with low tides. You won’t believe but it’s still in use!

8. Sabores Altaneiros

This welcoming shop offers a bit of everything food-related. Typical Portuguese wines, jams, fruits, cakes… You may also enjoy brunch and tapas here with an amazing view of the marina.

9. Museu do Choco

If you are planning on going to Setubal, don’t skip this place. One of the best locations to have a go at tasting the famous Choco Frito in Setúbal. Forget the other restaurants and head to this one! And deserts are great too!

10. Museu do Arroz

This restaurant is located in an old rice factory that was rebuilt to accommodate a fancy and trendy restaurant. It serves typical Portuguese food, with a different experience! Check it out! Closed on Mondays.

Well, above all we hope you enjoy your stay and leave feeling that you’ll be coming back! If you liked your stay and the guest support leave us a comment or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


— The UAU Team