Welcome to Portimão! We love this place so we want to share some of our favorites must-visit locations, things to do and places to eat while you are staying in Portimão’s region.

1. Ria de Alvor

If you visit Alvor, you must check out the Marginal de Alvor (here). Besides the amazing river view, you will find great seafood at the restaurants. Lovely for sunset dinners! The beach is very close to the Marginal and you can relax on the long sandy beach after lunchtime. Enjoy!

Alvor Marina

2. Marina de Portimão

At Marina de Portimão (here) you also have nice restaurants, cafés, and bars! During the days it is great for families and at night it changes and has a great nightlife too. If you have the time visit Fortaleza de Santa Catarina which is an old fort where you can go up to the top and have an amazing sea view. Enjoy it at sunset time!

Portimão Marina

3. Cloque ao Mar

We must highlight this restaurant, located at Praia do Amado (here). It is a bar and restaurant) for great lunches and nice evening cocktails! Why is it unforgettable? The restaurant is right at the beach so you will not get a better place to enjoy the sea view.

4. Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is one of the most known Algarve beaches. The long beach extends for more than 1km and is supported by several bars and restaurants which are accessible by a wooden walkway connecting the entire extension of the beach.

5. Praia do Vau

This smaller beach is perfect for families with kids as they can play around without problem in the low tide and it is of easy walking access.

6. Benagil Algar

Algar de Benagil is a sensational cave (very “instagrammable”!), with a round hole in the ceiling from where you can see the sky! It is a must-see in Algarve. One of the best ways to visit it is by boat, which you can rent at Portimão or go to Carvoeiro, a quick 20-minute drive.

7. Portimão Museum

Portimão Museum is a representation of the fishing and cannery heritage of the Portimão community. The museum was implemented in 2008 in an old cannery called “São Francisco” (Saint Francis) located in the city waterfront. Visit this museum and get in touch with the fishing history and traditions of the Algarve’s communities.

8. Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar

These megalithic monuments are olf funerary temples built and used for many generations through the centuries somewhere in the third millennium before Christ (3000 B.C.). The set of monuments is organized in several groupings located nearby an old cluster of houses, whose ruins extend for a surface of about 20 ha.

9. Boat Tours

Numerous trustworthy companies are operating at Algarve that can take you on amazing boat trips to see the landscape from a different perspective. You should check around the Portimão Marina for all the different offers there. Some of these routs can take you to the Algar de Benagil which we talked about before!


10. Miradouro dos Três Castelos

From this vantage point, you’ll have a wonderful view of the clean sandy beaches, the sparkling sea, merging into a beautiful and breathtaking natural, marvelous for its magnificence as for its beauty.

Well above all we hope you enjoy your stay and leave feeling that you’ll be coming back! If you liked your stay and the guest support leave us a comment or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


— The UAU Team